Little somthing about PIGS HEAD

About Us

James Sluss, has been in the restaurant industry for almost two decades, graduated from culinary school at GRCC in Grand Rapids Michigan, where he was on the USA culinary team, and worked at many restaurants all over Michigan.

His love for BBQ started when he was a small boy where he was the family grill master, then working under a chef that created some of the best pulled pork he has ever had. Since that day BBQ has been more of a obsession, tasting, and trying different bbq and working on his own rubs, seasonings and sauces for the past 14 years. in 2012 he saw a chance to start practicing, and making his own craft BBQ. It all started with a old 1950s Philco fridge smoker he built, and branched off to bigger and better smokers, learning and perfecting his craft. Testing his craft BBQ on his unexpected family members, and patrons at the restaurants he worked at. Only catering events and cooking for small groups of people until 2017, where his wife Michelle convinced him to start setting up roadside bbq in the small town of Gobles they lived in with their three boys.

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At PIGS HEAD we stand alone in Michigan craft bbq, from our texas style 17 hour smoked brisket, (yes 17 long hours) to our dry rubbed St. Louis style ribs, and legendary smoked porkey beans filled with tons of our 16 hour pulled pork. We always serve the sauce on the side, never to drowned out the taste of the spices and the meat, with gobs of sauce. Do we love sauce? Absolutely, in fact we have 6 different varieties we hand make in small batches. From our own version of the famous Alabama White sauce, to a sweet and spicy vinegary Carolina sauce, to a Gold looking sauce we like to call GOLDEN HONEY. But its all there to complement our slow and low smoked meats, don't take our word for it just ask the hundreds of customers that come to pigs head week after week, year after year for our BBQ.

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Since 2012, with that small fridge smoker, to where we are today we are still and always will be dedicated to serve you the best of the best BBQ you will ever eat.

WE are FAMILY. We are small BATCH American BBQ.